Maximum product purchase quantity per product and per catalog?

TreeplCMS eCommerce - 12 of my products have a maximum purchase quantity of (3) each. How to also set a limit in the eCart to a maximum per Catalog?

Hi @WillzShire
There is no built-in option for maximum per Catalog like there is for Products, so this would need to be a custom solution.
You could start by looking at the eCommerce Javascript events (particularly CMS_AfterAddToCart), documented here:

And use JS to check what has been added to the cart and present a message if it exceeds your imposed limits/rules - and even remove the item from the cart automatically too with CMS_TriggerRemoveFromCart.

You may also be able to build Liquid conditions in the cart to ensure the JS is not circumvented.

Thanks Adam Wilson! Can you provide a quote to do this?

Thanks for the opportunity @WillzShire
Unfortunately, I don’t have much capacity for larger projects at the moment.
I would recommend submitting your requirements to Treepl Services, as they will have a better understanding of the capabilities of the eCommerce javascript and can likely provide a better service here.