Media Download on page going to 404

I’m trying to link to a particular media download from a page. when I click on the link I’m getting a 404 page result - Is it still possible to link to a particular media download? Anyone know why the PDF is not opening? Could this be an issue with how the media downloads were migrated?

I just realised it is downloading the pdf but there is nothing on the site to indicate that. Is it possible to have the pdf load in a tab? Anyone know how to achieve that in Treepl?

I only found this by checking my download folder. I don’t have the box ticked for this to be a downloadable file.

I don’t get a 404 page when clicking the download link. It works as expected.

To get the PDF to open in a new tab, you’d remove the ?downloadable=1 to stop it forcing download and add a target="_blank" to your anchor element.

Thanks Adam - I’ve put up 2 links - 1 using the module component and 1 just using an <a ref. Is one better than the other?

I’ve got the target set and have removed the downloadable = 1 bit. Both links are on this page at the end of the text

Links work in firefox but in Chrome both are just downloading and nothing really shows on the site to indicate that. Any ideas on how to get around this?

don’t worry - it was a setting in chrome causing it.