Membership Website

Sorry if this topic has been covered before, but I just want to know if this platform is good to use for a membership website like an association or Chamber of Commerce. I would need to have:

  • Expiration of membership if dues are not paid which will automatically unable directory listing
  • Automatic email notification that dues are due
  • Recurring billing option for those who want it
  • several types of membership levels and prices
    I’m just getting started with this site and need to know if this platform will work well with this platform or will I need additional software to connect to it or jump through a lot of hoops to make it work.

Thanks in advance for your input.

BTW - if this platform is not the best option for a membership website what would you suggest. Thanks!

I have a Club Membership Site, currently with 230 paid members. Members pay an annual Membership fee to be a member. New Members pay & join and sometimes existing members do not renew. All automatic once the system was built.

Access to the secure area is revoked if the fees are not paid on time & is reinstated once payment has been made. Member Information ceases to be published if members do not renew. Their information is reinstated once payment is made.

The Site has various levels of membership with different fees based on membership type.

Members renew each year by completing a Membership Form after they have paid their fees (via PayPal).

Recurring billing is available. I haven’t implemented that, rather depending on Secure Zone Expiry to trigger the renewal process. I plan to implement a payment gateway this year to replace the current method.

Email advice that renewal was due would be useful but is not available the way the system has been implemented. I hope renewal reminders will be part of the Payment Gateway & automated annual billing. I haven’t looked at that yet.

Access control is handled via custom code. I am not ware of any ‘out of the box’ capability that would suit your needs.

Hi @Mstall,

It’s possible to implement all the items but for this one:

  • Automatic email notification that dues are due

It’s a part of our Public request item and you can vote for it in your Treepl Portal: Mailchimp Full CRM Sync, Existing Mailing List Sync, Double Opt-in And Subscription Status