Menu Snippet not working

Hi There,
I have an issue appearing where the menu is not coming up in a secure area. This was working fine yesterday and as far as I know no one has changed anything with it.


Hi @Daun_Jacobsen
The issue is due to system IDs being updated/changed in the recent v6.1.8 update.
So the IDs you have in your Liquid conditions for the secure zones (ie: 1, 2, 3) would have now changed.

If you go into each Secure Zones in the admin you’ll see the ID in the URL.
Then update your liquid with the new IDs.

Hi Adam,
Thank you. Like below?

That hasn’t updated it. Maybe I’m missing something.

That seems correct, but you shouldn’t need to change the Menu alias names in your menu component tags. Unless you’ve updated those menu names as well they should remain as the level_0, level_1, level_2 as you previously had them.