Migrating Adobe BC secure zone members to Treepl CMS CRM and the process?

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I’m sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere, but I’m wondering if someone can walk me through the process of migrating a secure zone from Adobe BC to Treepl CMS? I have experience building new sites with secure zones from scratch on Treepl CMS, but have yet to migrate over an existing secure zone and associated secure zone members. I know how to create a registration form, login/logout form, create a new secure zone, manually add members, etc., but I’m wondering if someone can walk me through the process of how to import the existing secure zone members from Adobe BC to Treepl CMS so that they can be notified of the change, set up their passwords, change usernames if required, etc.? Any help with this process is greatly appreciated!

I really did try to comb through the docs and the Ultimate Migration Guide before reaching out and bothering those in the community, but I don’t see any definitive documentation on how migrating secure zone members works when it comes to password setup. I was able to export the existing CRM and use that as a ‘template’ to import contacts and assign them to secure zones, but I’m not sure the best way to let everyone know that the platform has changed and they need to setup a new password?

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  • Ryan

Same here, I second that. We have a site with thousends of secure zone members to be migrated. We’d appreciate a method to trigger password reset emails to all of them without having to go through them manually.
A possible workaround could be to collect all the email addresses via spreadsheet and then send a bulk email with a link to the password reset system page. If you use some newsletter system you could also put the members email as url parameter in the link so it’s prefilled in the form and the member only has to push the send button to trigger the reset workflow.

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That’s a good idea, thank you @TimL. I’m not sure I follow on how to add the email address as a URL parameter so that the field is automatically populated, but I’ll see if I can do some digging and find out how that works. I guess you’d have to then have two registration forms - one to send existing members (so that they don’t have to fill in any other account information that they may have provided) that includes only the email (username) and password/password confirmation fields, and then another registration form for new registrants who need to fill in any additional information that is collected such as first/last name, address, phone number, etc. or whatever else is collected for secure zone members. Sound like I’m tracking correctly?

Thanks again @TimL - I’m hoping someone has a good way to handle this for sites that are migrating with tons of existing secure zone members. I appreciate your time, response, and viable workaround suggestion!

  • Ryan

We’ve recently done this for a client, exported the BC CRM, tidied up the data, added a field for Secure Zone Subscriptions then imported to Treepl CRM, unfortunately, I did have to manually send the reset password link to all users, we just couldn’t find a workaround for this.


Hey Ryan, automatically populating form fields is not difficult in this context. You would design your link like that: yourdomain.tld/landingpage?email=name@domain.tld. email is your URL parameter which you will need to read on the landing page in Treepl with liquid: {{request.request_url.params.email}}. Putting this in the code of your landing page would render “name@domain.tld”.
In your form code you’d just need to place that code like this:
<input type="text" name="email" placeholder="Email" value="{{request.request_url.params.email}}">
Haven’t tested that on the password reset form but it should work.
If you managed to import existing members to the Treepl CRM (including their subscription to the secure zone) you wouldn’t need to set up an extra registration form for them. Just send them a link to the password reset system page (/request-reset-password). You find it in the Treepl Admin under “Settings/System pages”.

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@TimL - thank you for the detailed response here regarding the URL parameter and a good workaround to get everyone’s password reset. This all makes sense to me, so I’ll speak with the client and we’ll get started! I was just now provided access to the BC live site and Treepl trial site and it looks like the secure zone and secure zone subscribers did not migrate over. However, I think it would be easy enough to just recreate the secure zone on Treepl CMS, import the subscribers via an Adobe BC export, and then trigger an email to all subscribers with a link to reset their password. @lee.relianceit - thank you for your input as well, it sounds like I’m going to take the same approach in regards to exporting the CRM from Adobe BC, cleaning up the data, and then importing it back into Treepl CMS.

Once I get all the CRM/secure zone subscribers imported, we’ll try @TimL’s approach and send a bulk email that includes a link to the password reset system page. There are 185 subscribers on the list, so I’m really hoping this works and we don’t have to manually go in and send password resets for every subscriber. I’ll post and update here with the results in case it helps anyone with a similar project.

Thank you both for your help!!

  • Ryan

I’m apparently on the struggle bus today. I have looked high and low to find the liquid logic to display the login button if a visitor is not logged in and the logout button if the visitor is logged in. I thought this would be pretty simple, but I can’t seem to find a solution on Slack, here on the forum, or anywhere in the docs. Can anyone help me with this? I’m sorry to ask for more!

The request object will help here:

So using the is_logged object:

{% if request.is_logged == true %}
//show login button
{% else %}
//hide login button, show logout button...
{% endif %}

Once they’re logged in you can further use the {{request.currentmember}} object to access more of their details.
(the {{this.member}} object gives the same info too)

Hello Adam,

Thank you so much. Again! You never fail me and I really hate to bother you. I appreciate you sharing the link to the docs regarding this. I really did try to sift through them (the docs site was running really slow yesterday and even still today - it just doesn’t seem to want to load up for me) so that I wouldn’t have to bother you or anyone else. I sincerely appreciate your help with this and all the other times you’ve helped!

So, if I follow - this code should work, correct:

        {% if request.is_logged == true %}
        <p><a href="/register">Log in for access to content</a></p>
        {% else %}
        <p><a href="/public/api/members/logout">Logout</a></p>
        {% endif %}

It doesn’t seem to be working for me. The only button I see now is ‘Logout’, regardless of whether I’m logged in or not. I think there may be something deeper going on because the website’s code is very old. I’d share a link here, but I don’t want to make it public per my client’s arrangement. I just want to first make sure that I used the code as you suggested since I can’t seem to get the docs site to load again today.

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  • Ryan

Actually, I think I figured it out - I just had to reverse ‘true’ to ‘false’ and now it seems to be working. I think there is just more to this site that I’m not aware of. I did not design or develop this site, but there seems to be a lot of issues. Right now I can’t seem to reset my password (when I try, it takes my information and sends me to the home page, but the URL is domain.com/?reset=failure so it appears to be failing for some reason). When I try to go to the login after resetting my password, I get ‘Secure Zone Access Denied’. Plus, for one reason or another - Login is shown twice on any page that includes a form such as login, registration, etc.

@StudioRTP my bad for getting the if statement backwards :grimacing:. Glad you figured it out.

Really hard to diagnose the other issues without seeing the site. If you can PM me the link I can take a look.

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No worries at all - thank you so much for your help! I was actually working on this issue somewhat pro bono, so I really appreciate you saving me some time! Thank you!!

Hi Lee - I’m just about to go through this process. I was looking at Mailchimp/Treepl api setup and thinking I’d run a campaign to members and just send the password reset link from the campaign. Did you try that method?