Migration app errors


I’ve just tested our first BC migration using the Treepl app. The process has completed, and in the app (on the BC site) the migration appears under “History”. In this tab, if I click on “Summary” it tells me there were a few errors. All items for one WebApp failed to migrate, an unused Secure Zone failed to migrate, and a bunch of customers failed to transfer from the CRM.

Is there a way I can debug these errors, such as error logs I can review to see what caused the error so that I can watch out for it in the future?


EDIT: the site in question is nagisa.treepl.co / nagisa.com.au

Hi @benrnorman! Please provide us with admin access to the nagisa.com.au (dev@ez-bc.com) and submit a ticket - we’ll look into the issue

Right now the app doesn’t record error details. It just marks items that wasn’t successfully transferred after 3 attempts as failed.

Here is a list of transferring errors that are most common:

  • Webapp may fail to transfer if it’s name contains such invalid for BC API symbols (such as “/” or any non english letters)
  • Customers may fail to transfer if in bc DB they are saved without required fields such as email or first name

Thanks for that Vlad, understood.

The customers would have failed to transfer for the reason you mentioned (we once had a newsletter signup form that only took email address).

The WebApp itself transfered all fine and setup in Treepl with the same custom fields the BC WebApp had. It was the WebApp Items that failed to transfer. This issue I had was that the BC WebApp had detailed pages disabled, which allowed the creation of a custom field with the property “url” (very bad practice, I know). Treepl allowed the creation of a custom field with the property “url”, but when I attempted to save any entries it failed (I assume because of the default system property of the same name), which is why the WebApp items would have failed to transfer. I renamed the property “URL Link”, updated the templates, and it all worked as intended.

Thank you for your help also Anna, but I won’t bother with submitting a ticket for this one. I was just hoping there was a way to see what caused the error(s).