Migration App - Media Downloads ETA

I can see that ‘Media Downloads’ is coming soon for the migration app. Do you have a timeline for this as I am quoting a large job with 230 literature items that need to be migrated.


3 to 10 business days max

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Fantastic! Thanks Alex, looking forward to it.

Is this still a work in progress? Testing it on a site with a large amount of media downloads and I got errors for all .doc(x) and .jpg files

Hi @Jimc
Errors may occur if:

  • file is no longer available via download link of mediadownload item
  • mediadownload item is secured by any securezone
  • if file already exist on treepl site (temporary error will be fixed today)

If in your case errors occured but not because of this options above please send a site link to the support@treepl.co so we can figure out what causes an error.