Migration App (of sorts)

It would be amazing if there was an app (similar to the BC to Treepl App) that allowed you to transfer functionality (web apps, forms, etc) from one Treepl Site to another.

My reasoning is for doing upgrades to existing websites. You could then duplicate the site, completely override the existing html, css, js and so on. Perfect it on a trial site then use an app to move the files and any newly created functionality back over to the live website on Treepl.

It might be a pipe dream, but I’d use it!

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Are you referring to the ability to have a Staging and Production environment?

With the idea being that you have a replicated site in the Staging environment and then you can push your changes live to Prod?

I actually think this was going to be a thing they were building somewhere in the road map… Looks like its going to be an extension now.

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I used to be on the roadmap, then it wasn’t on the roadmap . When I asked, I was told it will be in version 6. I thought there was a public backlog item to do with this, but I can’t find it at the moment. It would be nice if there was some kind of staging built in.

Looks like draft mode is the closest thing I see right now in the backlog. https://treepl.co/public-backlog-state/request/preview-and-draft-mode-for-pages-and-module-items

It would be nice to have something closer to what I’ve seen other places, where you create a release, then you can save anything as a draft to that release, the release gets a release domain so you can check it out i.e. name-of-release.domain.com, then when the release has been approved you can click the button and make the whole release live.

edit: I just realized I’m totally off topic here @Peta_Simpson. Sorry. Your suggestion is a really good one. It would be nice to get it added to the backlog.

I would also use this. I have 5 sites that all have very similar functionality that I’ve migrated to trial a a number of times, always all with errors in banners, menus and web apps. If I can get 1 to migrate well, tweak and activate, I’d duplicate it as you suggest, swap out the unique stuff for that particular site then push live. And do this 5 times or more, as this is a growing client base. Then extra functions we’ve been putting off for months now could also be added in this mode, then pushed out the same way.

Yes! I just couldn’t articulate the right words on Tuesday! That’s exactly what I want :slight_smile: