Migration App Question | WebApps?

So, 2nd use of the Migration App, working ok… but my first import didn’t import over BC WebApps… was thinking it was just because of the version, but just imported for another client, and the only thing that was added to Custom Modules, was Media Download.

So, my question is… is it supposed to migrate over the WebApps? Because the App is 0/2 so far.

Screenshot comparison (BC on left, Treepl on Right).

LMK as I have 4 sites I need to migrate over ASAP, if not available yet, maybe remove the “WebApp” portion of the migration options?


Ok, so update - it looks as though if you check all items in the migration - i.e. Site Manager, WebApps, Modules, Site Settings that it doesn’t do the WebApps. If I start a new migration and only choose WebApps, then it transfers them over. I just did a test of one WebApps - Videos, and it did transfer it over.

@vlad.z take note - seems at the moment it is best practice to not include WebApps in a full site migration, as there is something preventing WebApps from being imported in a full import.

I had the same experience. First run of the app with webapps selected didn’t bring them over (only created media downloads as Custom Module).
Progress log showed several errors while running but on completion no errors were present.

On second run with only webapps selected all worked fine.

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Yep same issue here - did a migration and the Web Apps didn’t get moved over.

There is a bug that removes webapps from request if any other item requested with them as well.
It’s already fixed in one of the feature branches and will be hotpatched tomorrow (18-Jun-2019)


Fix was applied to the server: