Module component for 'Bookings'

We have the ability to output almost all data from the CRM, such as CRMContacts, orders, cases, etc. but we can’t access Event Bookings.

This issue has popped up several times from several resellers and does not have any workaround so it would be a very helpful feature to add.
Only if the Event Booking is a paid event can we retrieve the data via the orders component, but this is a round-about way of doing it and still leaves out free Event registrations.

So, the request is simply to have a ‘Bookings’ component, eg:

{% component type: “bookings” ... %}

Ideally, the data output would include:

  • the case (form submission) data of the form used for the booking (or at least a reference to the case ID).
  • the Event item object so we have access to all the Event item details.
  • the CRM contact object (or a subset of it - at least the contact’s first/last name, email and CRM ID).