More detail is required: Create Default JS Validation

Hi Guys

So after the Treepl team have gone through the public backlog to review the requests, some request needs more details to have a chance to be review by the team.

Typically these are older requests that might have been mentioned in Slack and have not been opened as a topic here on the forum as it didn’t exist at the time. Therefore I will add the ones that are missing.

So the above text you will see in several of these form topics :slight_smile:

This request has very little detail and I am not sure where the discussion started, so please add any form of information or request here, so it can be added to the request so it can get reviewed (or removed) :slight_smile:

I think this request probably comes out of a desire to have similar functionality to BC, where generating a form would also generate validation JS for required field. Something along the lines of this

It would be nice to have alt least some JS to validate recaptcha inserted by default.

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