More detail is required: Multiple Datasource Property

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So after the Treepl team have gone through the public backlog to review the requests, some request needs more details to have a chance to be review by the team.

Typically these are older requests that might have been mentioned in Slack and have not been opened as a topic here on the forum as it didn’t exist at the time. Therefore I will add the ones that are missing.

So the above text you will see in several of these form topics :slight_smile:

This request has very little detail and I am not sure where the discussion started, so please add any form of information or request here, so it can be added to the request so it can get reviewed (or removed) :slight_smile:

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I actually think this is one of my own requests :slight_smile:

I have experienced that I would like to add more than one option from a datasource in a custom module, but this is not possible. For example in the added image. I would like to add both “Option 1” and “Option 2” from the Datasource, but I can only add one of the options.

Would be great if it was possible to select multiple items in a checkbox list or similar :slight_smile:

This would be a great improvement. Basically turning the Data Source into a similar format to Categories or Tags. But instead of the liquid output being an array it would be an object with items (to support Id, Name, and URL of the linked item as we have now for just a single data source).


The ability to select multiple options from a Data Source property is a feature we have been seeking as well. I agree with Adam Wilson that incorporating this in the admin similar to Categories or Tags would be a good solution.

Does anyone know if this has been discussed by Treepl. I think it would be a huge feature to get in place.

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@lachlanmunday - It currently has 9 votes and is number 3 on the “total” list, so I am quite sure that the team will look into this feature in the near future :crossed_fingers: