More detail is required: Rating For Module Items

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So after the Treepl team have gone through the public backlog to review the requests, some request needs more details to have a chance to be review by the team.

Typically these are older requests that might have been mentioned in Slack and have not been opened as a topic here on the forum as it didn’t exist at the time. Therefore I will add the ones that are missing.

So the above text you will see in several of these form topics :slight_smile:

This request has very little detail and I am not sure where the discussion started, so please add any form of information or request here, so it can be added to the request so it can get reviewed (or removed) :slight_smile:

So from reading this I guess that this should already be “solved” by using the setup of the custom module columns. One could add some sort of dropdown field with for example 1-5 and then add this field to the custom module columns and see it in the overview.

I am aware that one would not be able to change the rating from the overview, but would have to go to the item that you would need to change :slight_smile:

My take on this request is that it’s more inline with how the built-in comments feature in BC had a star rating part to it. So front-end users (logged in) could rate an item (or URL) the comments module was ‘attached’ to.

But I think you’re right still that with the openness and flexibility of Treepl modules, a ratings feature could be fairly easily achieved currently.

Perhaps this ‘star rating’ feature (if that was the intention of this request) could instead be added to the “Native Comments” backlog request, which would make it more complete compared to the BC functionality:

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Ahh of course it is. I was thinking back-end.
I actually think you are right. Maybe the partner that initially requested this can clarify if he/she sees this topic :slight_smile:

@Peter-Schmidt I think we can close this backlog as it is part of the Comments module.

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Thanks @Rhatch - Moved to “Delivered” :slight_smile: