Multi-step forms

How would I go about creating a multi step form in treepl with payment using bootstrap? is it quite difficult?


That depends on your requirements.
You could simply break one form up into tabbed sections (so it doesn’t actually submit until the end but feels like a step-by-step form).
Good validation can be a bit tricky with this style of form though.

Or you could have multiple separate forms that submit, with their redirectUrl set to the page of the next form (and you can access the previous form submission data via Liquid if needed for the next form).

Or to make multiple form submissions seem more like one seamless experience, you could submit them with AJAX - which is more technical but a nicer experience.

The downside of having multiple forms is that data will be submitted/items created even if the user doesn’t complete the full process. So that could be an admin challenge.

I would generally try and only have one form submitting, but break it up visually on the page.

With the first bin example you posted, it looks like the first step of the form is actually a search form, then it moves into a shopping cart style setup.