Multiple Attribute Selections

Is there anyway to be able to select multiple or an attribute on a product. For example if the product is a chair and there is an attribute for a cushion, can they purchase 2 x cushions?

Has anyone been able to achieve this?

Currently, attributes only multiply with the product quantity.
The only way I can think to achieve this is just to have multiple cushions as part of the attribute options, ie:

  • 1x Cushion
  • 2x Cushions
  • 3x Cushions
  • 4x Cushions

But obviously, this is quite limiting.

Yes I guess this is the best work around at this stage @Adam.Wilson. Might be a good one for the backlog.

Yep. Iā€™m writing something up about Attributes now and will include this feature :slight_smile:

Thanks @Adam.Wilson. Can we also add to this the option to have wholesale pricing for attributes too as this is a request from two of my current clients.

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Backlog request now added here:
Product Attributes Enhancements

Feel free to add to this.