Multiple domains on one hosting account?

Does anyone know if you can house multiple domains on one treepl hosting account? If so, how is it done? The domains will be different and direct to different home pages

Yes. In much the same way as you could with BC. You can assign the landing pages in the domain settings if you are not using any global www redirect. Otherwise you just need to contact support to set up the domain forwards correctly.
Assuming this is for the one client with several ‘sub-sites’?

If it’s with the intention to have totally different client sites on the one account there would be many downsides to this. Theoretically it’s possible, but perhaps not practically or even legally.
Keep in mind that the sites will all share to same server resources, CRM, system pages/emails, eCommerce (if being used), etc.
You also couldn’t really have any domain specific URL redirects if needed and only one auto generated sitemap that would apply to everything.
It probably wouldn’t be feasible to allow the clients to access the admin either since they’d have access to every site.
I could only see this working for very basic, low demand sites, but even then it’d probably be more effort than it’s worth.

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