Multiple Product Download Links in Invoice

For products that have a download included, I currently have a field setup in the Invoice to provide the download link -

<a href="{{item.productFileLink}}">download now</a>

But if a customer orders multiple product downloads, how do I setup this code to show for each of the product links in the invoice?

@SiroccoDigital isn’t that Liquid download link within the forloop of the line items, so a link should be generated against each product line.

Product One (download link)… $2.00
Product Two (download link)… $3.00
Product Three (download link)… $1.00

@Adam.Wilson no it’s not currently as it sits at the bottom of the email. Would I set this up as -

{% for item in this.order.items %}
<a href="{{item.productFileLink}}">download now</a>
{% endfor %}

Yes, I believe so. I haven’t set this up myself or tested it, but that should work.