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This is a request for an extension to this request. Also we can add this post as the forum post for this backlog item for any further discussion.

When this feature is developed can we add that we want we want:

Comments Zapier integration:

  • New Comment
  • Updated Comment
  • Create new comment
  • Update comment
  • Find Comment

This is drawn from the Zapier integration thread:

I’ll also use this opportunity to flesh-out the original request with the new guidlines.

  • “Sell” your idea.

  • Try to think objectively, considering the bigger picture.
    User comments can be a critical tool for user interaction with blog posts, eCommerce and other areas where clients are looking for user feedback. Comments also opens the door for treepl to have additional functionality like forums.

  • Be specific and clear.
    Native comments means that we have the ability to add user comments to any module (blog, ecommerce, custom module) item. Comments can require users to be logged-in and attach their user profile to a comment. It may also be possible to allow anonymous comments.

Some features for comments:

  • Comments may be threaded (i.e. commenters have the ability to respond to existing comments) or flat (a chronological listing of comments).
  • We should have the ability natively to emphasize the module item’s author comments.
  • Ability to paginate comments
  • Ability to link to an individual comment
  • Pull in a profile picture from a logged in user comment
  • Ability to assign a moderator to comments. Moderator would recieve a notification of new comment and have the ability to approve or deny comments.
  • Ability to mark comment links as “no-follow” for SEO reasons
  • Have some anti spam method for filtering spam comments such as having a captcha on the comment form or maybe something like this or maybe askimet integration or maybe one of the alternatives mentioned in this post
  • optional: add ability to track comment likes/thumbs up and allow comments to be sorted by likes, add ability for comments to be pinned/starred by the moderator and allow pinned comments to stick to the top of the comment section
    -optional - ability for other commenters to report a comment or downvote a comment (for self moderation purposes) and ideally we could filter comments by downvotes, and hide comments that have been reported after a certain number of reports and send them to the moderator for review.

This feature is a BC equivalent feature. Client focused.

This includes a concise, descriptive title (this is what other partners will read when reviewing backlog items for voting). And for the body, provide images, video, mockups and reference links where applicable and consider the following questions:

Are there existing examples of this feature elsewhere?
There are many examples of comment in this post:



If other partners have seen good examples of comments, have additional features suggestions or refinements, please add them below.


Added to the original backlog request, let me know if you have more to add or edit :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

I just wanted to see if we can add to this backlog item? It would be great to offer product review functionality, similar to what is found in Shopify (example of a client’s site that offers product reviews for reference: I have a couple of ideas (and some folks were nice enough to share a couple of workarounds) that will work temporarily, but it would be great if this feature were added. I use Disqus for a lot of client’s sites for commenting, but it would be great to be able to have a review system that includes a ‘star’ rating.

Thanks for considering this!

  • Ryan
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Hey Peter, can we make an update to this backlog item as per this conversation.Product Reviews
Another bullet point.

  • Comments should have the abiltiy to be added to module items and products.

  • Users should be able to add a ratting (like a star rating i.e. 4/5 starts) with their comment

Hi @Alex_B_Centrifuge
Updated now, please check and let me know if you have any changes :slight_smile:

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