'noindex' detected in 'robots' meta tag


I am having issues with google finding this website https://www.lauraempson.com

It appears that the urls are not listing on Google because “No: ‘noindex’ detected in ‘robots’ meta tag”

But I can not find where this is to change - any tips please on where to start looking or what I need to add/delete.

Each page in Treepl unde SEO I have checked the box saying ‘show this page to search engines’

Thank you

I’ve had this happen also with certain pages and I believe it’s Google incorrectly crawling the site.
Use Google Search Console to re-inspect the URL/s and if/when Google detects that it’s ok, you can re-submit it for indexing.

I’ve had pages that definitely don’t have any robot meta tag and Search Console has still reported them as having a ‘noindex’ set. Sometimes has taken a few attempts to get Google to re-inspect it correctly.

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Hi Adam

Thank you, I have resubmitted the pages to google. Fingers crossed