Over ride quantity-field with Product Minimum Units

Can any one assist in how i can overide the quantity-field in the product layout to show the minimum Unit quanity Property for that Product?.

Hi @AJ1971, There’s no such functionality at Treepl so far. We’ve added it to our internal backlog, but to speed up this process, you can send Public Backlog request

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@AJ1971, you could explore something like this (using your own custom layout for the quantity field):

<input type="number" name="quantity" data-ecommerce_product_quantity_field="{{this.id}}" value="{{this.MinimumUnits}}" min="{{this.MinimumUnits}}" max="{{this.MaximumUnits}}">

Although min/max attributes don’t really enforce any min/max values as such, but it may help.