Over ride quantity-field with Product Minimum Units

Can any one assist in how i can overide the quantity-field in the product layout to show the minimum Unit quanity Property for that Product?.

Hi @AJ1971, There’s no such functionality at Treepl so far. We’ve added it to our internal backlog, but to speed up this process, you can send Public Backlog request

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@AJ1971, you could explore something like this (using your own custom layout for the quantity field):

<input type="number" name="quantity" data-ecommerce_product_quantity_field="{{this.id}}" value="{{this.MinimumUnits}}" min="{{this.MinimumUnits}}" max="{{this.MaximumUnits}}">

Although min/max attributes don’t really enforce any min/max values as such, but it may help.

@Adam.Wilson , thanks for the replay, i enedd up being able to set the min quantity via some copied HTML.

i have very complex pricing where i need to add set up fees and am struggling how to do it.

Example is Product printed 1 colour with a setup up of $35.00.
in this example the print price is always .08c but the set up is 35.00 / 500 or 35 / 1000 depending on the customers selection of qnty.

I can set a print price as an attribute as it stays constant. but i need to charge the $35.00 set up as part of the total but cant do this as an attribute as the price changes when the quantity changes.

Is there some way i can add a custom module that is a set $ value that can be added to an order when selected like a radio in attributes?

I guess you could have a ‘companion’ product that is the $35 set up fee that is added to the cart via javascript along with the print product.
If all print jobs have the same setup fee you could just increase its quantity in the cart per the number of jobs, or each print product has its own companion set up product if different fees.
Could get a bit tricky though as you’d need to conditionally protect those companion products from being manipulated in the cart.

I assume though that each print product has set quantity increments (ie: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, etc.). So what if you instead went away from using the quantity field and set up those fixed quantities as attributes (import of attributes is coming next release) with their set pricing and then modify the attribute input as a stepped number input or slider to match the attributes - so the user doesn’t need to select from a huge dropdown.
It would be a lot of attributes to setup but you’re probably doing a lot of volume discount brackets at the moment which probably isn’t as manageable perhaps?

Oh, and the base price of the product would be the set $35 set up fee.