Pay for hosting by credit/debit card

The ability for clients to pay by Credit or Debit card. Most of my clients do not have a PayPal account, therefore if we’re offering them the ability to pay for the hosting directly (with a markup) we need to give them the ability to pay with normal payment options Mastercard/Visa/Amex etc. And to have this facility available to Partners/Agencies as well.

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Hi @FractalCreative - Would a Stripe integration as this solve the problem for you? :slight_smile:

I guess it would. Stripe is brilliantly simple to implement, if Treepl added this alongside PayPal as an option to pay for hosting, that would be perfect…which is pretty much how I set up most eCommerce websites.

Great @FractalCreative - Then you can just go and vote for that one, if you haven’t already :+1: