Paypal payment form total amount is greyed out

I am using paypal payment in payment form. There is a total amount column that is greyed out which is preventing me from submitting the form.

What needs to be done to enter amount ?


Hi @pcaltair
By default, the payment input field that is disabled is just to display the price and the actual price input is hidden (since you typically don’t want the user to enter the amount).
If you do though, you can simply remove the input that is disabled:

<input type="text" disabled="disabled" id="PaymentTotalCost" value="{{this.paymentAmount}}" />

and display the hidden input (by changing the type="hidden" to type="text"):

<input type="text" name="Payment_Amount" value="{{this.paymentAmount}}" />

Alternatively, if you don’t want the price to be user-controlled, you can set a fixed price to be paid by adding the price parameter to the Form component tag with the amount and this will flow through to the payment fields:

{% component type: "form", alias: "my_form", price: "29.95" %}

Thanks for the quick response. In my case it is fixed membership fee that needs to be passed on to papal. Where can I set the default ?

Ok, best to set a fixed price in the Form component tag:

{% component type: "form", alias: "my_form", price: "29.95" %}
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