PLEASE READ FIRST: Guidelines for documentation contribution

Some loose guidelines for documentation:


  • Full-width admin screenshots to be taken with a browser width of around 1400px
  • Crop out the top ribbon (with your Partner logo, etc) unless the article is specifically referencing elements in that section.
  • Only use screenshots were necessary. Unnecessary screenshots/images will only cause headaches when admin UI changes and these need to be updated. Extra images will also make site loading slower.


  • Ideally, written text documentation is preferred. Consistent videos can then be created from the written documentation as needed.


  • Feel free to supply the text in any digital format you wish (Google Doc, Word file, Email… but not fax :wink:)
  • In English please (and preferably UK spelling but I won’t be picky)


  • Always write the full name of “Treepl CMS” with capitals, ie: not “treepl”
  • When referring to general Treepl CMS concepts/terms I try and use title case. eg: Partners, Secure Zones, Partner Portal.
  • When referring to specific sections or actual CMS items I tend to use single quotes around the title case term. eg: ‘CRM’ > ‘Contacts’, the ‘System Properties’ section, or, the ‘SEO’ tab…
  • When referring to buttons or actionable elements I try to use double quotes. eg: “Add New Item”, “Save”, “Delete :grimacing:”…


  • Try to minimise internal documentation links if possible (as these could prove difficult to manage as the docs evolve). Instead, we try and utilise the ‘Related Articles’ section at the end of the document. Same page anchor links are ok though.
  • Try to minimise external links within the article. Instead, we try to utilise the ‘External Resources’ section at the end of the document to avoid messy and distracting links throughout.

Submitting Contributions:

  • You can post content here in the Forum or in Slack or private message me in either place as well. Or send me a link to your content. Basically any way you want to get it to me is fine :slight_smile:
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In English please (and preferably UK spelling but I won’t be picky)

(long live the Commonwealth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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