Portal Bug/UX fix: Support ticket "Last updates" time is not local

I’ve just noticed the Last update column in the Portal support page is not local of the partner user.

Would make a lot more sense for the times to be in local time of the portal user.

2020-04-27 02:55:39

Should have been

2020-04-27 19:55:39

@Eugene - Want this in the public backlog? :slight_smile:

No, it isn’t necessary. I will pass this request to the manager who works with the portal.

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Is there any chance of this happening? I’m still not seeing local time in our partner portal. (AU)

@Eugene do you have an update on this?

Our QA added this bug to our bugs list, but now all our developers are working on bugs for Treepl CMS. Once we’ll finish with Treepl CMS bugs we’ll fix this bug.


This bug has been fixed and now you should see local time for the support tickets.


This was reported April 2020?

Hi @luke,

Yes, this was reported in April 2020 based on the thread logs.