Preview and draft mode for pages and module items

Couldn’t find this in the backlog though I think it’s pretty important. One of my clients thought that the “Preview” link in Item Settings is actually used to preview a page before it’s published:

Instead this link triggers a 404 error if used before the item/page is published or if the item/page is disabled. Which means there’s no way at the moment to preview something before it’s live on the site (in BC we would save a draft and then preview it).
I installed a workaround for this client (for costum modules) by implementing a preview property (boolean) and filter the list items on the front end.

But we certainly need a proper preview functionality for pages and module items and the option to save a draft. @Peter-Schmidt Can you double check if this is already in the backlog? Couldn’ find it there yet. Thanks!


Hi @TimL

Sorry for my late reply, I have been away on holiday :slight_smile:
I have added the request here:

Please let me know if you want anything added to it :slight_smile:


Fully agree, just chiming in to say – I guess you’re including blog posts here, but it I think it should be specifically mentioned. It is a really basic feature of BC WP etc that is badly needed

PS: I’ve added my vote, important to vote for this


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Totally agree… we had to build out a separate ‘Preview’ Blog Post custom module for our clients so they can preview posts before going live.