Problems with new Liquid engine and search results page in Treepl templates

The new Liquid engines seems to make problems with two of my websites, both based on Treepl templates: seem to render HTML code on search results where it’s not supposed to with the new engine. is giving me a Liquid Error: Attempted to divide by zero. when using the new engine.
I’ve summed it up in a video:

I’ve started seeing similar results too @TimL.
With your first example I think it’s because the new liquid engine will actually execute Liquid code further down the scope (and the Liquid code doesn’t get striped with ‘strip_html’ filter - it’s still there, just doesn’t seem to execute with the current engine but does execute with the new engine. That’s why your list layout is displaying in item 3).

For the ‘divide by zero’ issue, I’m not sure. But as you mentioned, probably something to do with a syntax issue or perhaps a liquid filter is performing differently than it currently does.

Something for @vlad.z to have a look at?

We are aware of this issue and are working on it being fixed in the upcoming Liquid engine update.

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