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What is the process to get an item added to Public Backlog? I have asked in a couple of spots but can’t seem to get this request added. We need to have added as a payment processor. Most of our clients have about a 1.7% credit processing rate through reps instead of of the 2.9 - 3.4% rates that Slack and Paypal charge. So they are in no rush to move their sites.

Public Backlog Request:

Add as a payment processor as on BC

@JFK the process is to post your request here in the public backlog channel. So you’re doing it correctly, then @Peter-Schmidt actually adds it to the backlog. I’m not sure why you’re request hasn’t been added yet. Maybe he’s a bit busy.

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I also desperately need added as payment processor, urgent as possible. I’d say Authnet is an industry standard these days.

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Thanks for tagging me @Alex_B_Centrifuge :slight_smile:

@JFK - I have added your request here for voting:

Sorry if I have missed your request in other places like FB or Slack, I try to be updated on most of the “channels” but I must have missed this one :slight_smile:

– Let me know if I should add or edit anything in the request :slight_smile:

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Thanks for adding @Peter-Schmidt – I came across this language that states this request better, would you mind editing when you get a chance… thanks again!

[ Payment Gateway] payment gateway for ecommerce and payable forms / events / subscriptions.

@JFK - Sure, no worries :slight_smile:
It is changed now :slight_smile:

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