Product and Bundles List

Hey all,

I’m trying to create a list of product bundles as a custom module.
inside each bundle, I want a list of product items as eCommerce products.

The custom module for the bundles is done.
It’s the product list I can’t work out.

I was hoping to have the products filtered by bundle but I need some products to be in more than one bundle.

I couldn’t get a Data Source to work but I can only filter one bundle selection anyway?
I tried Categories but the same problem only one bundle selection.
ItemTags was the best but I had a comma and it split the tag into 2.

But also once that is figured out I wanted to group the bundles (as screenshot) "+ support & service package.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @luke

Could your ‘Bundles’ not be eCommerce Catalogs?
(you can expand on the Catalog module structure with custom properties, etc. just like a Custom Module)

If not, I’d probably use Categories for this - so you can add multiple Categories to the same Product.
But I’m not sure what the issue is exactly with not being able to filter the Products to display in each Bundle?

I guess you’d need to create Categories with the same name as the Bundles, or assign the connecting Category to the Bundle as well, then use that value in your filter to list the appropriate Products for each Bundle.

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Once again you are a genius at this stuff Adam.

I did try the Catalog but went back to it and gave it a harder try this time.

Thanks again mate you are a guru!