Programmatically creating thumbnails from full size images

Does Treepl have this server side image downsampling mechanism that was in BC or something similar?

Yes, it has a better one:

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I find that the image processor is a must-use function on things like blogposts where the client is the one creating new content. They can upload a 1.2MB image for their post and the image processor will do all the optimising for the thumbnail and for the larger version of the image on the full post page.

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Wow, Awesome!!! :slight_smile:

Image-processor is such an amazing and powerful feature of, and value add to Treepl.

Q: Does anyone have any experience in the wild with how these images with query string suffixes perform SEO wise?
eg in Google Images.

Obviously Page URLs with query suffixes should be avoided, but I would imagine Images / Image URLs are a very different case.
Perhaps search engines can even tap into the high res version of an image from only a tiny thumbnail being displayed on a page by ignoring the suffix. Iā€™m finding it difficult to find info on this topic. Hoping someone out there has some practical experience they can share?