Release V5.9.5 prop_Enable

According to the release notes, this item was part of 5.9.5.

Add Release date to Add/edit item forms
Add prop_ReleaseDate to the add and edit module item HTML forms, retrieved via the Component Manager/Toolbox.

Add ability to use prop_Enable to add/edit module item controllers.
On ADD form; if prop_Enable is specified in form submission - apply its value only if there is no admin approval required rules in place for the module.|

I see the prop_ReleaseDate but I don’t see the prop_Enable nor can I get it to work in the create form. Was the prop_Enable part of this release? If so how do I put it into a form? I tried <input type="checkbox" name="prop_Enable" value="false" > and with a “true” value but neither worked.

I don’t see any other settings in the module that would control this?

Hi @Rhatch, When I add your code to my test site, it works on the create form. Maybe you have approval required rules in place for the module?