Removing Pages From Secure Zone

Hi Guys,
I am sure the fix to this is simple but I need to remove a large chunk of content from two different secure zones here When logging in there are two different secure zones, one that shows one menu with pages and the other shows a different menu with different pages.

I have gone into the pages and made sure they were all removed from secure zones, and also checked in the Secure Zones area but they are still only showing when logged in. I noticed there is some code in the page templates that I think I may need to remove like:

    {% if request.is_logged == 1 %}
    {% else %}

But when I remove this, I can’t save the page. Please assist if you are able.

For instance this page: should not be secure any longer I removed it. But the coding still shows:
<!doctype html>

{% component type: "snippet", alias: "foster_community_head" %} {% if request.is_logged == 1 %} {% endif %} {% component type: "snippet", alias: "foster_community_header" %}

Please see screenshots:

Thank you.

@Daun_Jacobsen You must keep the {{pageContent}} otherwise, your template will not save. Delete the {% if Request.is_logged == 1 %} and everything from {% else %} to {% endif %} can be removed. Also remove this in your head tag as you will not need the redirect.