Reporting on Member Activity

I see that the new custom reports are available but I actually wanted to be able to report on member activity - not just if they are in a secure zone. Is there any way to set up a report that picks up when secure zone members login?

I’ve uploaded our old member lists but I need to find out how many have successfully reset up new passwords.

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Hi Debra, we use Matomo for this and also to record activity and what files were downloaded from the document store we built. The widget we created ran formerly as a app in BC, but now presents as a webpage reporting tool in Treepl. Matomo is a paid Google Analytics service but independent and much easier to use. So while I echo your thoughts to request a built-in function like this on Treepl itself, it is possible to achieve what you’re wanting to do with third party.
Cheers, Wayne

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Thanks Wayne - I’ll check it out.