Request for Tax codes and Gift Vouchers in Pro Plan

Currently, Gift vouchers and Tax codes are only available with ecommerce.
I have a site that only has events and so its on the pro plan and I don’t really need all the other ecommerce features.

The thing is … every paid event has a 10% GST (in Australia anyway) so it would be nice to have tax codes available for this

Also I have a need for gift vouchers for events but again, this is only available with ecommerce.

Is this a big ask?

Hi @Adele_Taylor
I guess this is more an issue of what is included in the different plans, more than something that needs to be added to the backlog? :slight_smile:

@Eugene - Will you pass this to the right person in your team? :slight_smile:

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Gift Vouchers, yes, probably a matter of what plan these are available on.
However, the tax issue with Events I believe should be addressed.
If a plan supports payments, it probably should support tax codes/calculations.
Even when on the eCommerce plan and tax codes are available, there is still an issue with Events and tax. you can assign a tax code to an Event price and tax is calculated and added to the Event cost, but it is not reported in Liquid. So there is a miss match between what the system is doing and what data we have available for output.

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@Adam.Wilson - Thanks for clarifying, had no idea that there was an issue with that :slight_smile:

@Eugene - Are you adding this to the internal backlog, doesn’t seem like a problem we need to vote for? :slight_smile:

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No problem, I’ll pass this to the right person. :slightly_smiling_face:
And we will add this to the internal backlog.

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