REQUEST: Implement WebP ImageProcessor plugin

Please consider adding to the ImageProcessor functionality the WebP plugin to provide support for WebP images:

Can only be a good thing right? :slight_smile:


Added here: :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea.

I wonder if there might be an automated way to implement webp with fallback. I guess you could setup an image module and add the fallback in the layout. Or actually you could just add the fallback in any module layout.

Yeah, that was my line of thinking too. Would be very handy.

Shopify implemented webp earlier this year. I believe they accomplished with no work involved by site owners. Shopify converts files to webp and uses the fallback gif png jpeg files that were originally uploaded.


FYI… Pro’s and Con’s with WebP in my personal experience:
I find WebP to be a great format for producing web-optimal images of higher quality and smaller file size. WebP also allows alpha transparency so png’s can be converted to much smaller file size without degradation. This also means all image types can now share a single/universal file extension. This free online converter is useful for converting images to webp. The biggest problem with webp is the lack of Safari or iOS support. If adopted then WebP would be a game changer. Meantime it’s major limitation as it requires having jpg or png fallback. Testing sites with images converted to webp sees good performance gains in Google pagespeed insights. But once the fallback is added the performance testing returns a poor score. Perhaps this is the fault of the testing tool? I’ve been unable to determine how Google actually grades the performance when indexing webp with conditional fallback.