REQUEST: Non-recurring Paid Access Secure Zone Subscription

Request: Ability to subscribe a user to a Paid Access Secure Zone that doesn’t recur or automatically renew.

On the Secure Zone page, for the Type field, the dropdown options would be as follows:
Free Access
Paid Access - One-time
Paid Access - Recurring

The price and duration fields can remain as they currently are.

Use Case:
We have member site that is governed by a board of directors. Each year this new board can set the renewal price. They do not want to automatically renew because they don’t know what the price will be.

Other Scenarios:
1 - Setup a time specific trial to a secure zone that doesn’t automatically renew.
2 - Sell downloadable assets that include a bundle of items. The user would be able to login in many times and access their paid items, such as website templates, graphic design assets. The secure zones could be setup to show example usage and support documents.