[REQUEST WITHDRAWN] Implement truncate words liquid string filter

In cases where a snippet of a custom module item is needed in the list view it would be nice to have the liquid truncate words filter


{{ "Ground control to Major Tom." | truncatewords: 3 }}


Ground control to...

Hey @Alex_B_Centrifuge. That filter does work, I’ve used it many times before.
What’s your use case or code? Maybe there’s another issue…

I just tested it and it’s working form me now. I must have made a mistake previously. Thanks for your response @Adam.Wilson

Arg, this isn’t working for me again. What am I doing wrong?

{{article['UrlSlug'] | truncate: 10, "" }}

That modal-trigger="" should have no ellipsis, but there they are.

Yeah, I’ve found this before and it doesn’t appear you can clear the ellipsis with an empty string.
This is a possible workaround:

{{article['UrlSlug'] | truncate: 10, "~" | remove: "~"}}

…or just:

{{article['UrlSlug'] | truncate: 10 | remove: "..."}}

But remember to still compensate for the 3 characters of the ellipsis if required.

That’s silly. So I think this does stand as a bug.

Yes, I agree. It is a bug.

I believe this is now on the bug list.

I have this on a page:
{% assign snippet = this['Description'] | strip_html | truncatewords: 10, "" %}
And it outputs {{snippet}} like this ([…] with the blank in front is added with some additional code):
So here it’s working, why?

It seems truncatewords works as expected, where passing an empty string omits the ellipsis.
The bug is with truncate filter only.

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You’re right, my bad. Wasn’t reading thoroughly … :slight_smile: