RSS feed for 'Blog' module?

Is there an RSS feed available for the ‘Blog’ module? If so, how do I access it? If not, how would I go about establishing an RSS feed of posts published in the ‘Blog’ module?

It seems as if RSS channels for Treepl CMS are not part of the partner plan (yet). See the BC/Treepl comparison chart here:
What do you need it for? Maybe rendering the blog feed in JSON will do the trick …

Not sure who requested it in the first place but there is a Backlog Item for RSS Feeds but it needs more votes:

The backlog may need to be expanded for Events.
I have an RSS feed on 1 site and will want them on 2 others when I migrate them.

I use liquid to generate the XML code, view the code and copy it into a .XML file after each change. From there it is rendered as a standard RSS Feed.

Ideally it would be a background task just like the Site Map process.

I’d urge that instead of a dedicated RSS feature we put our votes towards this one:

Allowing much more possibilities and customisation of all sorts of data feeds (among other things).

Open to feedback fo course…


What @Adam.Wilson says - yes please… love that this is available in Shopify, and I find I use it quite often now (for theme.css.liquid and theme.js.liquid files). Opening up Liquid Parsing for files outside of .html is and will be huge.

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@Adam - what you’re suggesting would be very useful - I can think of lots of uses.

I’d like to see an RSS Module that build standards compliant RSS XML files for Blogs, Events and Custom Modules, or a combination of these. It should work the same way other modules work, handling naming, configuration and layout.

At the moment anyone who wants RSS Feeds has to configure them manually. No alternative.

In my experience it takes 3 seconds for liquid to build a collection from a Custom Module with 360 items, sort into lastUpdatedDate order and list Name & Description for the newest 30 items in XML format. I copy the output to the rss.xml file using File Manager.

So I wonder how long it would take for an rss.xml document to render itself using liquid when accessed by a newsreader or browser extension? Are these automated processes going to wait 3 seconds or time out & move on?

If Treepl built the rss feeds in the background as it does the sitemap.xml file then there wouldn’t be latency issues and code would be valid.

And it would save partners who need RSS having to build it themselves.

Note: the Treepl Forum RSS Feed updates in realtime.

@peter.medbury yeah I totally understand what you’re saying about the processing time for Liquid and that is a real concern. However, it’s a real concern for any Liquid content and I think that issue will need to be address soon and eliminated else it will cause problems all-round.
Perhaps some sort of Liquid caching is needed… I don’t know, but assuming Liquid processing speeds will be improve I feel Liquid parsing in txt files is a better option.
A snippet for standards compliant RSS XML can then be freely provided.


There have been many processing improvements recently.

Not across the board though. Some tasks have improved incrementally and others have made leaps and bounds.

But I still have 3 pages where I use Liquid to generate the page (no template), copy the code either into a snippet to be rendered on a page or into a file to be read by a Feed Reader. It reduces load on the Treepl environment and ensures the data is delivered quickly to the client.

Treepl has delivered so much in just 11 months!