Section overlapping on my video portfolio page

I’m trying to make a video portfolio. Video Portfolio The section of my video is made in Custom Modules. My problem is that the videos are overlapping with the section below. I used the same method for my regular portfolio:
and for my Case studies:
Case Studies
What am I doing wrong??

If anyone has a better way of making a video portfolio please let me know. So far it’s been a headache. THANKS!

PS. I’m going to go ahead and launch the site and work on this section as I go but right now my site is completely down so I need to put up something even though it’s not “perfect”. the URLs above should be the same without the It should be

Thank you in advance for your help! I greatly appreciate your time to look over my question and to your help to resolve the issues.

I would try removing the cardsFilterGridHolder class on your portfolio container.
I think this is initiating a JS plugin that is setting the height to 0px and it’s not on your other sections.

Also, from the screenshot above it looks like there are elements breaking out of your columns, which is not ideal for a bootstrap implementation and could be causing layout issues as well.