Secure zone assignment data in JSON

Is there any way to see if a custom module item has been assigned to a secure zone and to which one(s)? I can’t find it in the JSON data available with the item. What I would like to do is list out module items on a page and exclude those which are not assigned to a specific secure zone. Thanks!

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@TimL I have not seen this in the JSON either. I just used categories as a workaround for one of my sites where I needed this. It might be a good backlog request.

This is already a Backlog Request:
Availability Of Secure Zone Status In Liquid

Give it a vote if you have any spare :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Rhatch and @Adam.Wilson !

@TimL We ran into this same issue. Our workaround was tagging/categorizing each item as suggested by @Adam.Wilson. Luckily our situation only involves ~50 items and 5 secure zones.

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