Secure Zone Question

Hi All,
I am new to treepl, and I was testing secure zone.

Question 1: - is the start page and it is added to secure zone and it works fine, but if use the URL (without ‘/home’) it does NOT ask for login.

Question 2:
Is there any option to make a secure zone login form using ajax and if the user fails 3 times block the user for 30min (cookie and local storage option in a browser are also fine).

Thank you
Manoj Gregory

Hello @codeeaq. Welcome to the forum! Your first question seems to indicate a bug in the secure zone functionality IMHO. Maybe @alex.n has an idea. Second question: Maybe @Adam.Wilson has an idea? I’m pretty sure there is a way.


  1. It’ a bug, it will be addressed in the upcoming sprints.

  2. As reCAPTCHA is mandatory for secure zone login, ajax is not a valid option.

Hi @codeeaq

One other issue with secure zones which may or may not matter for your use… Is that currently documents assign to a secure can still be accessed outside of the secure if someone has the link.

Thank you for the information.

not checked with documents, will check it and yes it will matter for our project.