SEO help: Sitemap and Canonicals

Questions for the SEO gurus…

I have a website with and linked to the site is and

domains 2&3 are directed to a seperate landing page but can still acccess the entire site.

My questions is… should the sitemap.xml file reflect this? ie for those 2 pages, should the <loc> be the domain2/ or should it be

Also while we are at it…

The cannonical for the 2 landing pages… Can it be the root url? or should it be their respective domain and page link ie:

I currently have the landing page which is (madeup) /landingpage2. Should the cannonical for this page be or

hope this makes a little sense… if not let me know and ill try and explain further :slight_smile:

Canonicals are a pointer to which domain name owns a page and only one domain name can own any one page.

When you set the canonical you are requesting that this is the one that is shown in Google search results so if you want the landing pages to show Domain 2 and Domain 3 in search results then that should be their canonical.

And if that is the case and you want these domain names to show it search then this should also be reflected in the sitemap.xml.

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