Setup Analytics Discussion

@Adam.Wilson FYI Google updated the name of their “Analytics API” to “Google Analytics API”. Here is an updated screenshot:


Thanks @Alex_B_Centrifuge. Now updated.
Thanks for the screenshot too :slight_smile:

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@Adam.Wilson This should be changed on the previous screenshot as well. Where you search and select the Google Analytics API

Thanks Alex. I’ve updated those screenshots now.

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@Adam.Wilson there is an update to the location of the button to create a service account

Thanks @Alex_B_Centrifuge
I’ve now updated all those Google API screenshots based on the Cloud Platform interface.

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Hi @Adam.Wilson

I have just been following your very clear instructions to set up the Google Analytics API and link it to a Treepl Admin on this page and noticed that Google have changed one of the steps slightly.

Basically at around step 12 the method you illustrated to “Create a Key” has been removed. You now need to select “Done” on the “Create Service Account” page when complete then select the 3 vertical dots on the “Service Account” page you are then taken to, to Create the Key, see here The rest is pretty much the same.

I hope this helps you keep this documentation up to date?

Thanks for all your work.


Thanks so much @DeanCraig. I’ve updated the article now.