Shipping only on specific products

We have an online store for a client here with just a few of the 270 or so products that they want to sell online.

We have setup FREE Shipping for all products and it has been fine but they’re learning that they’re loosing money on a few products so they’d like to charge a flat rate for shipping (Not a handling fee) on these specific products only.

Does anyone know how to do this? I see that you can exclude catalogs from shipping but we have all products in their respective catalogs as well the above called “Online Shop”

Any thoughts on how we can charge a shipping fee on only specific products would be helpful.



Could you include shipping fee in the overall price? Not the best solution, but possible.

Hi @Barry_Alt
There is an option in the Product settings called ‘Enable Shipping’ which will allow shipping options to apply to that product or not.

So in your case, I’d guess you would have this turned off for most products but enable it for those you want to charge shipping on.

Here’s the docs on this option (then expand open the “System Properties”):

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Thanks Adam,

This is perfect. I did know now this.