Shipping Options and Payment Gateways

Hello All,

I’m working with a client who is considering eCommerce on Treepl CMS and is asking about supported payment gateways and shipping options. The plans and features page shows PayPal, Stripe,, and eWay as supported gateways, but when I look in the admin, I only see Stripe as an option. I’m sorry if this has already been discussed, I tried to find out more info on my own, but sometimes I don’t know whether to look at the forums, Slack, docs, etc. I didn’t see anything in docs - is Stripe currently the only gateway that is ready to go as of today? I just want to make sure I don’t give them misinformation.

Also, is there any information on shipping options (what shippers are provided, integration options in regard to carrier-calculated shipping, etc.)? When I click on ‘Shipping Information’ in the admin of a eCommerce plan site, it just sends me to the dashboard analytics page.

Again, sorry if there is already information on these topics out there - I wasn’t having any luck finding it.

Thank you!

  • Ryan

Hi @StudioRTP.

Currently Stripe and eWay are the only integrated gateways.

No integrated shipping providers just yet, only ‘user-defined’ shipping options (like in BC).

For eCommerce to work properly you need to turn on the Beta Features ‘Advance Payment Flow’ and ‘Advanced URL Manager’. And I’d turn on ‘New liquid engine & nICE 2.0’ as well.

Hello @Adam.Wilson - thank you for the response here. Especially because I’m certain this isn’t the first time you’ve had to relay this information. I really did try to find it without bothering you!

Okay, sounds like I’ll have to wait a bit longer to look at building eCommerce websites on Treepl and will need to stick to either leaving the Adobe BC sites where they are or moving to Shopify in the meantime. Unfortunately there are too many limitations with the first release of eCommerce for me to move clients over due to project requirements. Looking forward for the next update!

Thank you!

  • Ryan