Site visitors & submitted Custom Module Items

Do we have the ability to do this - now?

tldr: Can we setup an anon user to be logged in on page load (via ajax I guess) and anyone can submit a webapp item? This is useful for MANY use cases, community event submissions is one.


Hi @James. You can definitely do user-submitted Custom Module items.
You configure this is the CM settings:
It’s much the same as in BC.

As for anonymous users, there is no built-in method for this but I guess you could setup a dummy user and hardcode the login details for your AJAX script.
Would obviously then need to protect against editing items already submitted and the dummy user info.

Yeah I knew we could do user submitted items… it was more I wanted to know if we could use ajax to login an anon user - so the public could submit event items. (obviously these would need to be flagged for approval - this functionality also exists… But it was more if I can ajax in a visitor to the website.

Ah, sorry. Didn’t read that properly.
The recaptcha v2 might be an issue with a hidden AJAX submission as it’s required for the login form… not sure though as I haven’t tried it.
I think recaptcha v3 is coming to system forms soon so that may make it possible.
Unless you can incorporate the recaptcha into the user submission process and actually have them submit the login form and then automatically submit the CM form via AJAX afterwards???

I think @A3CS posted somewhere regarding anonymous login users so maybe he can offer some more insight into this.

Oh god recapture on login forms?! I think the best thing about reCaptcha v2 is that everyone hates reCaptcha v2. (seriously sick of picking out what a blurry sign looks like) :grinning:

Yeah I guess that would be a blocking limitation. V3 would be WAY more ideal.
I would be interested to hear what @A3CS says as well as potentially a dev re a possible workaround.

Sorry kids, no workaround from me. Mine was a more simple solution using a generic log in (based on one contact login). Still need to go through reCaptcha v2.

I know what you are looking for, as I had an reviews app on B.C. for a client that Scott Reynolds built but I don’t think we can achieve this in Treepl.

Hi @James.

I have made a similar solution to the one mentioned by @Adam.Wilson.
I had V3 working and thought everything was good, but users suddenly had problems login in. Since it was not working consistently I decided to go back to V2, so the user just need to check the box and login.

As I understand V3 is not supported by Treepl on login forms at the moment and I did a workaround where I used the V3 from a form and as mentioned it worked but not all the time. I just tested it again and I can get it to work most of the times if I spend a bit more time on the page and clicking etc. But if I go directly to the page and try and login I will not get logged in.

A workaround could be that you have a V3 for the initial login, and if it pass the variable “failure” you can then display the V2 for the user to login.

I don’t know if anything has changed, becaused when I initially set it up I would get logged in all the time, so I actually thought it would work :slight_smile:

This little script makes it a bit more smooth to login since it will submit the form automatically after the user have checked the reCaptcha :slight_smile: