SMS Notifications from Form Submissions

Has anyone had any success setting up SMS messages to be sent from Form Submissions?

Hi @SiroccoDigital, Unfortunately, SMS Notifications aren`t available in Treepl. Please post your request on Treepl forum under Public Backlog category.

You could try to use Zapier for that. Connect your form to a workflow which triggers a Gmail address. With SMS by Zapier Integrations you can trigger a SMS when recieving an email on this account from a certain sender. Apparently requires a Business Gmail account though, but there might be other similar solutions out there.
I personally would vote up the Zapier integration because that might make things even easier I guess.


@TimL the client is wanting the customer to receive an SMS when they complete a form with pre-formatted content. This would be an option for sure if it could be implemented on Treepl sites to be able to send from Form Submissions. I have voted for this so hopefully it is an option soon as it would extend websites so much more.

Btw, the SMS by Zapier Integrations for gmail is a great option but not available is Australia :frowning:

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@Peter-Schmidt can we add to the backlog -

Push Phone Number to Mailchimp Mailing List
Allow for Name, Email and Mobile Number from webform submissions to be sent to Mailchimp lists so that SMS notifications can be sent to customers using SimpleTexting or Text Magic which can be linked to Mailchimp.

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Yes, we really need full CRM sync with MailChimp for better customised marketing.

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Added here: :slight_smile:

Thank you @Peter-Schmidt

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@SiroccoDigital and @TimL I’ve created a post to collect Zapier integrations. Can you expand on your idea a bit over there?