SSL about to expire?

I run some SEO software on my sites and I am getting the following message -

SSL certificate that is about to expire

I am not sure how to address that in treepl.

I’d assume the certificates auto renew upon expiry and that your SEO software is just notifying you that’s it’s nearing its expiry date.
I’ve never had to manually adjust the SSL on any of my Treepl sites.

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I had this come up in an audit as well. I remember @alex.n 's response saying that SSL certificates are automatically issued for 90 days and automatically renewed.

This isn’t the direct response to the 90 day renewal, but here is a bit more info on how SSL is handled on treepl in @alex.n 's response:

We use Let’s Encrypt as certificate provider
It’s a non-profit certificate authority . It’s is run by Internet Security Research Group
LE issued hundred’s of millions of certificates and is one of the most popular certificate providers due to it being free and use of convenient authorization methods.
We’re using HTTP-01 challenge to authorize certificates
Basically, ownership of the domain is proven by domain owner pointing domain to our IP and us serving relevent token on that IP. More can be seen in LE docs.
Certificates are always issued for 90 days and are regularly renewed.

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