SSO Question - Whitelabeling

Hey Treepl team… question on the SSO Password Update / Restore emails. I see they have Treepl CMS branding on them. Will we be able to set our own White Labeled branding on them? Please let me know. If I missed the info in the reading material I do apologize, but at first glance I couldn’t see anything.


Hi @A3CS

It seems they are under “System emails”

  • Invite Admin User
  • Restore Admin User Password

So you should be able to do whatever you want :+1:

I like that we are able to do this individually on every site, but it is also another thing to remember when setting up a site. One would need to setup the 2 mails before inviting users. It would be nice if the default one was without the “upgrade parade” etc. in the bottom and was just “plain” if one should forget and send it to a client. Also I see at least one typo in the mail, so maybe this default one could get updated in a future release :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for the issue. We will delete “upgrade parade” from email