Stripe/forms/gateway clarification

Bit of an office debate going on - Just need to confirm, Can we currently:

a) Take payments on forms using stripe
b) Take payments on events using stripe
c) Is stripe currently setup as a payment gateway or is it something else that is just tacked onto a form
d) Take payments for secure zone access.

Sorry i have been out of the loop for a little bit and would like some clarity on the above. I think the confusion is coming from if stripe, in its current implementation, is a payment gateway or something else.

@James Stripe is a payment gateway. One of my clients has been taking payments on forms since their site went live in April. While I was building the website, I could set the forms to ‘test mode’ to test the whole process without any real charges needing to be made. These test purchases even showed up in my client’s Stripe account. Very handy for checking out the user experience, automated emails, workflow notices, etc.

@hopestew : you mentioned ‘test mode’ on forms to test stripe payments. How did you put a form in “test mode”?

I’m trying to put through test card numbers (from stripe’s documentation) and am getting the following error:

“Your card was declined. Your request was in live mode, but used a known test card.”

Note: I have put test api keys in Settings > Payment

@hopestew …and figured it out. I originally had live keys in, then changed to test. Need to update the key in settings AND on the form.


Disregard my question! :wink:

@Derek_Barnes I had the opposite problem. When I wanted to go from test mode to live mode, I changed the key in the settings but didn’t realise I had to change the key in each of the forms as well. Glad you worked it out!

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