Sub categories on Site Settings & Management module

Is there a way Treepl create sub-categories in their categories module? I can’t see how to create a sub category as we could do on BC. Help!

Hi @Megan. Only one level categories at present although I did hear multi-level was coming soon.
Perhaps a workaround for now is to use a naming convention like:
Top Level 1
Top Level 1:Sub Level 1
Top Level 1:Sub Level 2
Top Level 2
Top Level 2:Sub Level 1
Top Level 2:Sub Level 2

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okies, thanks a bunch Adam. I’ll try that.

Hi, Megan. Subcategories planed in next sprint. All categories will be converted in tree view. For example if you have category name Category1/Category2/Category3 it will be converted to 3 categories, where Category1 will be parent for Category2 and Category2 will be parent for Category3. If you separeted level this char ‘/’ categories avtomation converted to tree view in next sprint.


thanks for letting us know Denis.